Back in the Saddle Again


Yes, I am well aware that this is indeed NOT a saddle but a cowboy hat. Husband IS from Texas. And yes, it is a Christmas ornament. Work with me?

Um, hello. Yes, it’s been a while. It’s been well over a month since I was last here. I have been in quite a tough and uninspired funk. I’m not ready to unpack all of it yet, but there are a few small stories to tell from my absence, and those stories will come soon. But everyone is good, everything is fine, and I’m happy to be back, hopefully a bit more regularly.


I’d love to come back with some big, splashy project, but my sewing machine has been silent since I made this shirt. (It’s looked like this photo most of the last month, covered in its little homemade shroud, under bubble wrap and various other materials that seem to find their way into my workspace.) I haven’t made anything at our house at all, aside from meals and piles of stuff.


So that’s what I’m here for today: an update on my planner to get organized. If you’ve been around here since the beginning, you remember this post I did about my Glorified To-Do List. I have loved it and used it almost daily since I first created it back in the fall. (I don’t really use it on weekends – with no real structure to our days and Husband home to just hang out with, I don’t need it.)


As I was trying to figure out what I needed to get out of my funk, I realized I wasn’t being super purposeful in using my To-Do List. Sure, I wrote meals down and sketched out a rough schedule, but I wasn’t really accomplishing anything (see: piles of stuff, above). And there were sections that weren’t as helpful as they used to be.


I decided that my first step would be to redesign the To-Do List. Just changing around the margins, streamlining certain sections (because, let’s be honest, the two-a-day naps are soon to be a thing of the past), and leaving off a few things that were always blank, I was able to create a much more user-friendly document for me. (And while “Exercise” has been blank almost every. single. day, I feel like deleting it is just completely giving up. Even though, honestly, I know it’s going to be blank a lot of the time. No judgment, especially from myself.)


So here you have it – my Glorified To-Do List 2.0. This time, the lovely woman who helped me at the copy store put a green cover on the front and back. I was hoping for more of a kelly green, my go-to color right now, but this one is a forest green. Note to self: Next time, bring my own paper. (Also this time, I felt a little more self-conscious about my goofy planner when I gave her the copies to bind, especially when she looked over the pages in detail. At the end, she came back and said what I made was amazing and that she thought something like that would really help her to get organized, especially with meal planning. That’s why I’m posting the revised version – it might be helpful to someone!)

Also, just wanted to say thank you for reading. I really appreciate it. The blog has had visitors every day in my absence, and it’s been fun to see that, and it’s kept me determined to get back to blogging soon. And, honestly, I’ve missed it – the doing of projects, sure, but also the sharing of them, the telling of stories, the connecting with others. Looking forward to more….


To download a copy for yourself (that you can tweak as you like), click here: Glorified To-Do List 2.0



12 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Love this :) I think I will try this myself – I’m constantly trying to stay organized and continually fail… try, try, try again!!


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