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Happy Monday! (and a quick earring project)

How was your weekend? I’m happy to report ours was illness free!


We did some Valentine’s Day decorating.


Little paper hearts started showing up everywhere. (The Boy even decorated the refrigerator and the potty – I’ll spare you those photos.)


I went to a friend’s jewelry gallery opening on Friday night – so fun! And Saturday was Moms’ Night Out – great time to wear leopard shoes. On Sunday, I had a fun Mama/Son date with The Boy, which included IKEA and frozen yogurt.


In the process of finding jewelry to wear out with friends Saturday night, I found these earrings. I bought them years ago, I’ve MAYBE worn them once (I feel like I’m wearing Jolly Ranchers on my ears), but I like the way the hooks are made.


So I found a few things that might work for an earring makeover – a thrifted necklace, some old vintage buttons, and some leftovers from some of my great-grandmother’s costume jewelry. I tried the thrifted necklace first, removing two of the silver teardrop pieces.


I just had to open the hooks a little and slide the teardrops into place, and that was it. Low input, high yield – my favorite kind of project.

And now it’s Monday! Lots of fun on the to-do list this week: Husband’s birthday, valentines for preschool, clean out some closets and take some things to the consignment shop, and a few sewing projects.

What are you happy about this week?


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