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Her Colors are Pink and Pink


Simple dress alteration today – another “loose end” project from 2012.

image via tinasthreesummerseasons
image via tinasthreesummerseasons

I love navy. It’s one of “my colors”. Have you ever had your colors done? A friend of mine used to be a Gloria Munde consultant (like Color Me Beautiful). She has swatches of fabric that you drape across your shoulders and determine which colors look best. Certain colors can brighten your face and others can really bring it down. Seriously – turns out I look terrible in black (although I definitely still wear it sometimes, with these thoughts in the back of my head: I look so old today. Are those circles under my eyes getting darker? I should have just worn navy. I know, sometime I’m going to inadvertently post a photo of me wearing black, and you’ll be thinking, Yep, not her color.)

So I’m always searching for a great navy dress – thrifted or not. I had “one that got away” last year that I just didn’t have time to try on, and when I went back it was gone.


So when I found this thrift store one, a million sizes too big but still with tags on it, I grabbed it and put it in my to-do pile. Fast forward to January, and I keep finding myself wanting to wear it now with boots.


It was a pretty easy fix. I tried it on inside out and marked the sides where the waist should be. Then I used a yard stick and chalk to draw a line from that point to the hem in order to leave a fuller skirt but still fit properly.


I attempted to take in the bodice as well, but it just didn’t look right. I ripped the new seam out and tried it on.


There are extra gathers at the waist because of the extra fabric at the top, but it looks fine. Why work on a harder solution when a simple one will suffice?


Done! If you see me around town tomorrow, I’ll probably be wearing this outfit. Do you remember when you were little and it was your birthday and you had to play with all of your new toys right away? That’s how I feel every time I finish a project.



This post is part of a 31 Day series about improving my days by being more PURPOSEFUL.

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