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Big Bold Feathers + Beads + Sparkle = Why am I not British?


No, I haven’t forgotten I have a blog. It’s been a little busy around here lately. Baby Girl is turning ONE (really, cannot believe it), I’ve had lots of little kid projects to do here and there, and we’re Decking the Halls a little more everyday. Some of these aren’t really blog-worthy projects (unless you’d like a demonstration on how to hot glue ribbon to a pinecone and only burn yourself once, in which case, I can hook you up).  So I’m going to work really hard before Christmas to get a few more good projects done. (OH MY GOSH, CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! OK, I’ve got to get moving!)

So today, I’m going to show you a cute little fascinator I made last weekend. Big Boy was invited to a British-themed birthday party that started with scones, included a ride around town on a double-decker bus, and ended with a “pub” and bounce house in the birthday girl’s backyard. Brilliant! The evite prompted party goers to dress “smartly”, stating that there would be a contest for the best fascinator/head band/headpiece. Well, you know me, I love a good contest. And I love to make stuff, so I dug through the craft stash.


I found this faux leather beaded pin (came with a cardigan a few years ago), and I remembered some other “hand-me-downs” from my Adopted California Father – bird feathers.


Two large plastic boxes of bird feathers. (How ACF came to own such a giant collection of real bird feathers is a story for another day.)


How pretty are these?


Polka dots on a feather!


I played around with different sizes until I found just the right ones.


I started by laying the pin down on 2 layers brown felt and cutting around it, adding about 1/4 inch. My idea was to have a base to glue the feathers onto in case I ever need the pin for something else (you just never know!), and to have another piece to layer on top of that so the ends of the feathers and the glue wouldn’t get stuck in my hair. I cut a hole in one piece of felt so the pin backing could fit through, and I used the backing to thread the headband through. Totally removable. You know, so the next time I need to make a color coordinating fascinator, I can use this same head band, right?


Then I used COPIOUS amounts of hot glue to adhere the feathers to the felt. Like, they were swimming in glue. (And I DIDN’T get burned – it’s a miracle!)


Then I glued the other piece of felt on that. I stuck the headband through the pin backing, and with all the feather and felt layers, it stayed put.


Seriously, why don’t we dress up like this? My friend Molly said she was going to wear hers to our White Elephant Party coming up later this week. Why not? I’d love to wear it again. (PS – You need to go check out her fascinator. It’s fantastic. We tied for Best Fascinator at the party. YES!)


So for now, the fascinator has found a new home, adorning the head of our beloved Mother & Baby statue on a bookshelf.


Because, really, shouldn’t this be enjoyed every day of the year?


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