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Thrifts and DIY: Basket Rehab

When you’re looking for one-of-a-kind, beautiful objects, thrift stores are a great resource.  Of course, not everything in a thrift store is beautiful.  (Donated toilet seat, anyone?  Yes, I actually saw this last week.  Eww.)

But even an object that will become beautiful may not start that way.  You’ve got to get creative and think about what it could be.Like these baskets.  I love baskets.  They can be used for so many lovely things.  (The Nester did a great post on baskets last year that really inspired me to put them to work.)

But sometimes, thrift store baskets just don’t start out so lovely.  The one on top has a broken handle, and the one on the bottom has one faux ostrich skin handle.  (Yes, faux ostrich skin.  Lovely.)

And this little charmer – well, aside from the “fancy” papery bow, the handles are unnecessary to my needs.

So it’s off to rehab!

For the first one, I got out a saw to hack off the handles.  I was very excited to get this project done during BB’s nap time, so I got a little reckless and almost hacked off a finger.

“Ay, ay, a scratch, a scratch.”  But you can see the saw’s teeth marks on my thumb and pointer finger, right?

Totally worth it.  Without handles, it’s now a basket can that can hold things on a shelf or in a cabinet.

The single faux ostrich skin handle (the other one was missing) was easy to remove with scissors.

This made a great book basket for BB’s room. (It lasted there a few weeks.  I like to change things around a lot, so this basket has now been moved to the laundry to hold cleaning supplies in a cabinet.)

And the last one, with handles and a papery bow.  If you look closely at the weave of the basket, you can see that the handles aren’t acutally attached to anything.  So I got out my pliers and just started yanking the pieces out of the weave.

They came out pretty easily just pulling by hand and didn’t change the look of the basket at all, so I went for it.

I repeated the removal on the other side and…

Voila!  This is not the sturdiest of baskets, but I was looking for a way to store cosmetics in a bathroom drawer.  This has a much more pleasing look than cheap white plastic.  (I’m kind of on a mission to get rid of cheap white plastic throughout the house, so there will be more thrifted baskets in my future.)

What have you thrifted this week?



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